We are two passionate designers based in Brussels, Belgium. We decided to create Saphyr. Here are our three most important values.




Design is a holistic process.

Design is a creative process.

Design is an evolving process.

We believe that you and us are first and foremost human. That's why we put emphasis on our social and environmental responsibility. We keep a craftsmanship approach to our work and collaborate with you at all the creation and production stages.

Passion is at the center of our work. We love what we do and we understand the passion you have for your projects. Creating products that will help you launch or expand your ideas is what matters most to us.

We are constantly searching for new design and technology resources in terms of software and graphical elements. That's what allows us to reinvent ourselves and to provide cutting-edge, easy-to-use and secure solutions.

We believe that
harmony in design matters

Our building blocks


If you need visuals for flyers, posters, official paper, business cards, and basically every real object that needs to be branded, you've knocked to the right door. We create and produce all these elements.

Good print elements will help your business go a step further.

Graphical Identity

Assuring that your project is instantly recognisable should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Therefore we create a visual identity that regroups all the design elements that define you such as the logo, accent colors, font types, etc.


First, we're going to invite you to discuss around a good tea or coffee to discuss about what you want.


We host your websites on 100% green-powered data centers and think about the environment in our daily lives.


People do judge a book by its cover. A website taking too long to load, lacking basic ergonomic and design principles will make people think your business or project is not serious. We will make sure your website is the showcase you need.


Webdesign is like fashion. We do our best to follow new technologies and design trends.

Our mission is to bring great
design to local businesses

Our work

AIESEC St-Louis - SEP 2013

St-Louis needed a website to reach more companies and students. We had to follow strict brand rules as well as distinguish St-Louis from other AIESEC committees.

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We truly are web artisans

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While majoring in business engineering, Moïse has cultivated a passion for design. Truly eclectic, he's constantly seeking for inspiration across a wide range of artistic disciplines. His interest in photography and his love of music are blatantly showcased through his minimalistic compositions. Ultimately, what sets Moïse apart is his insatiable eagerness to learn.

Florentin is the geek. Despite being a Computer Science student, logic and technology are only a part of his life. Definitely an artist, he plays and composes for various instruments including electronic music, is fascinated by architecture and all kinds of visual and auditive arts. He loves sports and cannot stop running multiple projects at the same time to the max.